Have You Ever Just Craved a Hot Dog?

It started subconsciously. With a conversation in which someone mentioned a hot dog, being fed to gar fish and snapping turtles no less. By evening, I was craving a hot dog.

But, I didn’t get a hot dog.

The craving stayed with me. By the next evening, when Hubby called wondering what we were having for dinner, I asked him to bring home hot dogs, which left his craving for burritos unmet.

My favorite hot dogs are Hebrew National brand. That’s what I wanted, along with raw, green onions and ketchup. Hubby brought home the Hebrew Nationals, the onions, and a cheapo can of chili.

I mowed down 2 hot dogs with onions and ketchup. Normally, that’s all I can stomach in the way of hot dogs, but this craving was strong. A third one went down with chili.

Finally, the craving was satisfied.

Have you ever craved hot dogs? How about other foods?

My mom craved radishes when I was in utero, buying bags 2 at a time, bringing them home to clean up before sitting down to eat all of them. When I was pregnant with Eldest Son, I had a tragic craving for Cheez Whiz and crackers. I never ate Cheez Whiz before that brief period of time and have not since. Can your body have a need for processed cheese food? Seems akin to pica to me.

I also craved beef during my pregnancies, but that could have been because I was anemic. My daughter has issues with low iron, so it makes me wonder if my food experiences during pregnancy have had a long-term effect on my kids. I remember enjoying the saltiness of Cheez Whiz, so maybe that’s what I needed at the time, but, then, why not just have some saltines? Nope, it had to be Cheez Whiz.

Just like I had to have Hebrew National hot dogs a couple of nights ago.

There’s no explaining it.