Mary E. Warner, 2018.
Mary E. Warner, 2018.

Hi, my name is Mary E. Warner and I am a writer, editor, artist and pragmatic historian.

Writer/Editor Mary

When it comes to writing, I focus on observational commentaries and history. My favorite forms are blogging and short- to medium-length articles, although I have also authored a few books.

I co-wrote “A Big Hearted Paleface Man: Nathan Richardson and the History of Morrison County, Minnesota” with a man who has been dead since 1908 (that would be Uncle Nate, the subject of the book).

I co-wrote “Little Falls on the Big River: A History of Little Falls, Minnesota, for Kids” with Ann Marie Johnson and Jan Warner.

I also wrote a series of connected short stories called “Greenville: Where Longing Meets Loss.” It is available on Amazon in three editions, Keeping, Sharing and Unfinished.

While writing and editing are often paired, editing is its own beast and one that I’ve done quite a lot of. Need an editor? Let me know.

Artist Mary

Coming from an artistic family, I have been an artist since I was a kid. My Grandpa Jens was a landscape painter and had a sign painting business. My Grandma Bea did all sorts of artsy things, like creating dollhouse furniture and crocheting and drawing. My mother is a master at crocheting complex afghans.

My art forms include fiber arts of all types (sewing, crocheting, knitting, embroidery, bead art, etc.), drawing, photography and graphic design. My favorite software is Adobe Indesign, which I use to design various publications, brochures, forms, & etc. My love of books and creating publications has also drawn me to bookbinding, though I am a novice at it.

Check out my work online to see examples of my art.

Pragmatic Historian Mary

Through my writing and my work at the Morrison County Historical Society, I have become a public historian. Not only do I love to research history topics that are little known or not well-remembered and present them to the public, I am keen to persuade people of the importance of learning how to think like a historian. To that end, I kept a blog called The Pragmatic Historian that explored the various uses of history. In March/April of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down activity in the United States, I rolled The Pragmatic Historian blog into this one. If you want to find those posts, type “pragmatic historian” in the search box and they will appear.

Need a writer, editor, artist or historian for a project? Drop me a line on my Contact page.


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