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Communications & Art Services

Need some communications (writing, editing, content creation, programming), history, or art work done and like what you see here? Below I discuss a few of the services I offer. Give me a holler and we’ll talk further about how my services can be of use to you or your organization. Send a message through my Contact page.

History Writing for Your Organization or Community

Sharing the history of your organization can provide a roadmap of the founders’ original vision, what it took to get started, and the transitions it’s been through to make it what it is today. This history can convey the organization’s values and provide inspiration for those who interact with it. Not only is this valuable for current and future employees and board members, it puts a human face on the organization for your customers.

The same goes for sharing the history of your community, only your community’s “customers” may include its residents or visitors.

To help your organization or community use its history, I offer writing, editing, planning & organizing services in the following areas:

  • History of your organization (for-profit, nonprofit, government or other institution)
  • History of your building/structure/property
  • History of your community (city/township/county/sovereign nation, etc.)
  • Other history content

Depending upon your needs, budget & research materials available, these histories can range from brief to long.

They can be used for:

  • Annual reports
  • Websites – About page, home page, general content, etc.
  • Blog posts
  • Social media content
  • Organizational premiums – Special publication for members
  • Training documents & succession plans
  • Promotional materials – Newsletters, brochures, guide books, catalogues, etc.

Consulting Services

I also provide consultation services on the following:

Succession Planning, including:

  • Determining the succession needs of your organization
  • Writing & editing policies & procedures
  • Compiling & organizing your organization’s critical documents
  • Writing training documents

For more information on my services, please send a message through my Contact page.