Have You Ever Just Craved a Hot Dog?

It started subconsciously. With a conversation in which someone mentioned a hot dog, being fed to gar fish and snapping turtles no less. By evening, I was craving a hot dog. But, I didn’t get a hot dog. The craving stayed with me. By the next evening, when Hubby called wondering what we were having for dinner, I asked him to bring home hot dogs, which left his craving for burritos unmet. My favorite hot…

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A Tale of Two Books

I like books. Must be the understatement of the year. I come by my appreciation for printed books honestly. My mom is a reader, both my grandmas were readers, and one of them had a habit of giving me books as gifts. I have passed my fondness for books onto my children. All of them enjoy visiting bookstores and when we were in Portland visiting my brother years and years ago, our favorite place, the…

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