View of the back yard, February 14, 2016. Photo by Mary Warner.

My Snowy Valentine

View of the back yard, February 14, 2016. Photo by Mary Warner.
View of the back yard, February 14, 2016. Photo by Mary Warner.

It’s Valentine’s Day. (Happy Valentine’s to those who celebrate.)

It’s also snowing here in Central Minnesota. (Happy Snow Day to those who celebrate.)

It’s the kind of snow that whips about randomly as it’s falling. Not terribly heavy so even though it’s been snowing all day, there’s not much accumulation.

I’ve been out in it a few times today, first to walk the dog, then to make a Walmart run for a new dog tie-out, which snapped this morning while Doggle Woggle was on it. Thankfully, he did not run away, just did his business and came back in as usual. The Walmart run was a side trip for the real reason I was out … to visit the laundromat and wash a few loads of clothes and a comforter. When I stopped in at the laundromat around noon, it was so busy and so many of the washers were in use that I left.

A couple hours later I returned and it was much less busy. While the clothes tumbled and swished about, I did some writing. I’m not a person who can leave my laundry unattended, so I always bring a book or a notebook or a fiber project to keep me occupied while waiting. It’s amazing how quickly a half-hour flies by.

After my foray to the laundromat, I shoveled the snow that had fallen on the sidewalk since this morning. It was an easy task due to the lightness of the snow. I did this before bringing the laundry in so I wouldn’t track a bunch of snow in with me.

I discovered my Hubby napping on the couch.

My Sleepy Valentine.

Once I had a load of clothing in the dryer, I made my way outside again, this time with Doggle in tow for his afternoon walk. (He won’t let me forget his twice daily walks, which means I’m really the one in tow.)

My excursions have not been unpleasant. The temp has warmed considerably from the past week and the falling snow takes the edge off sounds and sights, giving everything a quiet, soft focus.

This has been My Snowy Valentine.

What kind of Valentine are you having?