Tube socks, 2016.

Tube Socks for When You’re Feeling Post-Revolutionary

My co-worker and I have a thing for crazy socks. Whenever there is a gift-giving occasion coming up, I start scouting the sock aisles, looking for something wacky that she might like.

We’re both Gen Xers who were in high school during the 1980s, so when I saw some tube socks for sale at the local Walmart, I knew I had to get her some. And then I got myself some. And some more, and another package, and one more package for her, and then another for me.

Tube socks, 2016.
Tube socks, 2016.

As her birthday was coming up and I planned to give her the second set of tube socks, I figured I should add a little something to it. Lo, an article arrived on my Facebook feed like some beacon from on high.

People Who Wear Crazy Socks Are Smart, Successful, and Revolutionary

It’s got a lovely, click-baity title, no? Just the sort of title that those of us who wear crazy socks would want to check out.

The article does not disappoint, providing a good ego-stroking for those of us who sheath our feet in fun. (This apparently includes a number of our museum colleagues, who had left comments on Facebook regarding their crazy sock wearing habits.)

I printed a copy for my co-worker and wrote a note at the top, thus:

“We are post-revolutionary because we have moved on to wearing tube socks!”

Do you wear tube socks after having worn crazy socks? If so, vive le post-revolution!


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  1. I love these socks. I want to buy 4 or 5 pairs of these types of socks. Can you provide and also tell me that do you give the facility of home delivery?

  2. some days ago i purchased same socks which is really soft and smooth and i feel comfortable whenever i wear. So again to see these socks feeling glad. Thanks for sharing.

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