Food Club Gelatin and Knox Gelatine, 2016.
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Gelatin Versus Gelatine

I have been working on our taxes for the past couple of days. Thankfully, I’ve gotten through the federal forms, just the state left to do.

Taxes sap my mental energy such that I have difficulty contemplating the following conundrum:

Food Club Gelatin and Knox Gelatine, 2016.
Food Club Gelatin and Knox Gelatine, 2016.

Why is an off-brand (in this case Food Club) of gelatin called gelatin, but the Knox brand (which is synonymous for gelatin) called gelatine? I would assume the extra ‘e’ on gelatin is Knox’s way of trademarking their product, yet there is no TM (trademark) or R (registered) next to the word on the box.

Also, does Knox pronounce gelatine as gelatin or as gelateen?

It’s all too much for me to figure out today (or any day, really).

2 thoughts on “Gelatin Versus Gelatine”

  1. I was thinking about other words that end in “ine,” and are pronounced like the word in question. Even though it is just an alternate spelling, I have decided that gelatine is used in the manufacture of pills, because otherwise we’d call it medicin. šŸ˜‰

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