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On Blogging as a Grandma

I officially became a grandmother this week. My daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Hubby and I are beyond excited and can’t wait to meet the baby.

We’re going into a self-imposed quarantine, complete with Covid tests, for a couple of weeks in hopes that we’ll be healthy enough to visit without introducing anything into the household. We’ve already had both of our Covid shots (Pfizer, if you’re wondering). Due to the pandemic, our daughter’s entire pregnancy felt unreal because we couldn’t visit or help out in any way. Now that Baby is here, we have new challenges to navigate until this pandemic subsides.

One thing that won’t be challenging is blogging as a grandma. While I could write endlessly about Baby as he grows up, I won’t. And this won’t be a hardship.

Back in 2006, when I started blogging, mommy bloggers were beginning to be a big thing, but all of my children were at ages where blogging about them publicly would have been awkward for them, thus I never did so except in fairly general terms. In fact, I didn’t typically use their names. I called them Eldest Son, Daughter, and Young Son Number Two. After having a run-in with a troll who made threats against my family, I was very happy I hadn’t provided all sorts of information about them online.

The internet is even more vicious now than it was back then, so my habit of not blogging in specific detail about family members will continue on. Just know that I’m bursting inside for this new little human being even though he likely won’t show up on this blog.

Some labors of love don’t require words. <3