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Bathing in the Blood of Virgins – Health Metaphors That Provide Clues to Body Functions

Each morning, I read the 1440 newsletter, which provides snippets of news from around the world, including links back to its sources. It’s called 1440 because that’s when the printing press was invented. [] In the July 28, 2023, issue, I read an article called “New Blood, Slower Aging,” which discussed how scientists had connected the circulatory systems of young mice to older mice and discovered that the blood of the younger mice extended the…

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100 Brush Strokes

I bought a new hairbrush recently. Whoop-de-doo, you might say. But it was kind of a big deal for me because I’ve been using a metal comb for years … and years … and years. It’s a comb I got in late high school or early college. In examining it closely for this blog post, I see that it’s a Swedish Crown brand rat-tail comb, made in Sweden, and has the number 2252 stamped on…

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Eczema Update

I’ve been struggling with a bad eczema flare recently – months of vesicles and itchy patches encircling most of my neck. At one point, the rash was so solid it looked like a sunburn. I also developed eczema in my ears on and off over the past year and a patch in my scalp in December. Most of the time, I tough it out with my various moisturizers, calamine lotion, witch hazel, Vitamin E oil,…

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Gary Numan Rocks!

Hubby and I saw Gary Numan in concert at First Avenue in Minneapolis last night. Gary Numan rocks! He is such a stellar performer that it was worth wearing earplugs, standing on a hard floor for three hours, and getting beer accidentally spilled on my shoe. (Why is the floor not covered in anti-fatigue mat, I wonder?) We went with a friend who happened to look down over the crowd at one point during the…

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Writing: Using Health Intake Forms for Character Development

Forms are on my mind recently, partially because I finished filing our taxes and partially due to a project at work. I have filled out a LOT of forms in my life. From tax forms to social services forms to grant applications to healthcare forms, all ask for some intensive and often highly personal information. After you’ve filled out the same information (name, address, phone, email … etc., etc., etc.) for the twelfth dozen time,…

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