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Backwater Historians & Invisible Historians

I had another post prepared for today, but a kerflapple* arose on Twitter this weekend about an opinion piece in The Atlantic by Andrew Ferguson that I cannot leave unremarked. The title alone should help you understand why: Historians Should Stay Out of Politics. Let me take a deep breath. I’ll try not to vibrate about the mere title alone. But the opinions expressed in the article are going to make it hard to keep…

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Blog Housekeeping @ The Pragmatic Historian

Having blogged my way through numerous blogs since 2006, I have seen many changes in the blogging landscape. Blogs began as a way for individuals to share their thoughts on the web. They were often personal journals, which some people loved and others thought were TMI. And then organizations, advertisers, entrepreneurs, and news sources got hold of blogging technology and turned it into a money-making content factory. Social media apps (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat,…

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The 75th Post

With this, I have reached the 75th post on The Pragmatic Historian. I started this blog on April 23, 2018, and shot out of the gate by writing 3 posts a week for the first few months in the hopes that Google would get it indexed quickly. It did and once I was sure Google would consistently return my blog when I searched for it by name, I shifted to writing 2 blog posts per…

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