Letters to Legislators

Letters to Legislators: Investigate the Russian Connection

Nothing like a coup d’etat to get citizens engaged, eh? As our federal and state governments work hard – and rapidly – to strip the rights and societal protections of average Americans, we average Americans are stepping up, writing to legislators, marching, and making ourselves heard. Last week, I wrote postcards to my state legislators regarding a mute button that was installed at the State Capitol. This morning, I wrote to them about the Uniform…

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Letters to Legislators thought fodder writing

Letters to Legislators: Disable the Mute Button

When I was a kid, my mom used to laugh at me for yelling at the TV whenever I saw injustice playing out on shows. Yes, most of these shows were fiction, but I simply couldn’t stand the unfairness. One of my kindred spirits, a woman who could not tolerate injustice, is Eleanor Roosevelt. She died before I was born, but we share the same birthday, October 11, and I wrote a research paper on…

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