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A Curious Letter from a Politician

I got a curious letter from a politician recently.   It’s a letter from Republican Representative Pete Stauber of Minnesota’s 8th District regarding the adoption of children from China by people in the United States, with the unification of the adopted children with their adoptive families having been halted due to the pandemic. The letter explains what Stauber is doing about the issue. Here’s what’s curious about the letter. It came addressed to me, personally,…

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Letters to Legislators

Letters to Legislators: Investigate the Russian Connection

Nothing like a coup d’etat to get citizens engaged, eh? As our federal and state governments work hard – and rapidly – to strip the rights and societal protections of average Americans, we average Americans are stepping up, writing to legislators, marching, and making ourselves heard. Last week, I wrote postcards to my state legislators regarding a mute button that was installed at the State Capitol. This morning, I wrote to them about the Uniform…

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Letters to Legislators thought fodder writing

Letters to Legislators: Disable the Mute Button

When I was a kid, my mom used to laugh at me for yelling at the TV whenever I saw injustice playing out on shows. Yes, most of these shows were fiction, but I simply couldn’t stand the unfairness. One of my kindred spirits, a woman who could not tolerate injustice, is Eleanor Roosevelt. She died before I was born, but we share the same birthday, October 11, and I wrote a research paper on…

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