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Aleksandr Is Gone

September was a rough month. Aside from the mad rush to finish projects in the house to get it ready for sale, we were devastated by the sudden loss of Aleksandr, our dear, sweet dog of twelve years. Long-time readers of my blog know that I have referred to Aleksandr by alternate names, including Doggle Woggle. I’ve treated our dog like our kids on my blog, not using his actual name for privacy reasons. (Not…

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A Dog of Incredible Cuteness

I wanted to write a serious blog post tonight, but I spent so much time mowing lawn today that I don’t have the brain power for it. Instead, I only have energy for posting photos of my incredibly cute dog. (I could say I’m not biased in my opinion of him, but I would be lying.) Don’t dogs make great internet subjects? No worries about violating their privacy or offending them while poking a little…

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Blue Ball

During my walk with Doggle Woggle this afternoon, I snapped some pictures. It’s quite a treat trying to get a steady shot while a 70 pound dog is bounding around on the end of a leash. It’s almost impossible to get said Doggle to stand still long enough to get a pic of him. I managed to get three good photos of him. While I enjoyed taking photos of Doggle and other things during our…

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Shiny Puppy

In the morning, the sun streams full force through our large living room window, which has not been the case the past couple of days due to rain. However, last week I snapped these pics of our Doggle Woggle, who was enjoying the sunshine. I was impressed with how shiny his fur is in the light.

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