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Tiger Lily

The lily crop has been tremendous this year. One after another the lilies in our yard have been taking turns blooming. I’ve been waiting a week to see how the Tiger Lilies were going to pop. Here is the first one. I was not disappointed. The great thing is there are more to come. I was lucky enough to capture some interesting close-ups. Check out the structure of the different parts of the lily, especially…

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Curious Puppy

I’m finding that my Loft online writing class isn’t taking as much time as I expected it would, which is a good thing. The Loft is obviously considerate of the fact that those of us taking its classes (especially the online ones) have lots of other obligations in our lives and need to fit our writing in where we can. I’m enjoying the class immensely and learning helpful ideas regarding plotting novels and stories, which…

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Blog on Pause

Over the next couple of months, my blog may be on pause, and for very good reason. I have signed up for an online class offered by The Loft Literary Center and will be occupied with reading and writing assignments. The class is called “Crafting Plots and Endings” and it’s being taught by Michael Noll, who operates the Read to Write Stories blog. While I do plenty of nonfiction writing and have dabbled in short…

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Go Ahead, Scratch the Same Place Twice

My reading of Twyla Tharp’s “The Creative Habit” continues. I am loving this book. Tharp has an approachable writing style and loads of good exercises for stretching your creativity. It’s also fun to read about creativity from the perspective of a field that is not my own. (Do I need to mention that Twyla Tharp is a world-renowned dancer and choreographer?) As I read through the book, I am getting new ideas on ways to…

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