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Aphantasia Revisited: What Is Neurotypical?

My husband’s investigation into aphantasia continues. He discovered he was aphantasiac in 2019 after reading an article from the BBC on this form of brain function that is primarily characterized by the inability to visualize things in the mind. I wrote about this in June 2019. Erik recently found another article on aphantasia, this one from Scientific American, that explains more about how his brain works. Whenever he is asked to recall specific events from…

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We Should All Be Political

I’m writing this post on January 3, 2021, just after an hour-long recording dropped from The Washington Post of Donald Trump trying to pressure Brad Raffensberger, Georgia’s secretary of state, into overturning the presidential election so that Trump could win. I’m writing my posts for January and February early and scheduling them because I’m expecting a lot of work over the next few months. By the time this post publishes at the end of January**,…

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No Spiders Here: Allowing Women to Look Less Than Perfect

I’m writing this while I’m on vacation, scheduling it to drop in a few days. Scheduling posts days or even weeks out makes it difficult to write with the immediacy of the moment. I have to be thinking about how to write for future relevancy. If a post ever feels slightly disjointed in time, that’s why. Just imagine me writing days or weeks earlier and figure for the time shift. What I’ve noticed during vacation…

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An Ordinance That Works Against the Poor

It’s been snowing here in Central Minnesota over the past week or so. We’ll see how much eventually accumulates. When there is a significant snowfall event, we have to be up at the crack of dawn to move our cars from the street to the avenue so the plows can do their work. A few weeks ago, we got a notice from the city in our water bill regarding snow removal. It informs residents of…

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Simple Christmas Gifts Make Me Feel Rich

Our family’s Christmas is different this year. Which has got to be the understatement of the year for everyone’s 2020 holiday season. A worldwide pandemic will do that. We thankfully haven’t lost anyone close to us to Covid, but as we approach 330,000 deaths in the United States, there are many people grieving for loved ones who’ve died this year. Plus, having just come through Thanksgiving, we’ve seen a spike in cases of people infected…

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