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Book Review: The Dressmaker’s Companion by Elizabeth Haywood

Since receiving “The Dressmaker’s Companion: A Practical Guide to Sewing Clothes” by Elizabeth “Liz” Haywood for Christmas, I’ve wanted to write a review of it. I haven’t gotten around to it until now because every time I dive into this treasure to figure out what to write, I get lost in all the fabulous information presented. When I first opened the book, which is a hefty 449 pages, I landed on the section discussing the…

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How to Add Album Images in Musicolet App

Buckle up, kids! Time for a tech how-to based on the trouble I had this week with the music app I have on my phone. I have used Musicolet for years now and I love the app, once I can get it set up properly. Hubby and I have a giant collection of compact discs (also called CDs for those who came along after CDs lost out to online music platforms). We like to be…

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