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Article on Frisson Raises More Questions

I found an article from Smithsonian.com that discusses frisson, that delightful feeling of chills that overcomes you when listening to stirring music. I experience frisson all the time with music. Apparently not everyone does. (Dang, that would stink!)

According to the article, “The researchers found that the brains of individuals who occasionally feel a chill while listening to music were wired differently than the control subjects. They had more nerve fibers connecting the auditory cortex, the part of the brain that processes sound, to their anterior insular cortex, a region involved in processing feelings. The auditory cortex also had strong links to parts of the brain that may monitor emotions.”

Read more: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/researchers-look-what-happens-brain-when-music-causes-chills-180959481/#RgS7Y0O4H77Hi51f.99

This paragraph has my mind whirring. My brain has a bigger connection between the auditory region and the emotional region. Could this explain why I startle easily with loud sounds, feel deeply unsettled when someone raises a voice in anger, and become mentally jangled in a loud, crowded room with too many disparate voices? Is my ability to feel frisson just one part of a larger, system-wide way that I physically process sound as emotion that other people don’t experience? Might this explain some of the differences between highly sensitive people (often introverts, from what I’ve read, and I am an introvert) and those who don’t seem to be bothered by excessive outside stimuli?

Methinks the scientists studying frisson have more work to do. I’d be a willing guinea pig if it means having a chance to listen to frisson-inducing music.

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