An Observation About Mosquito Bites


This morning, while walking Doggle Woggle, I was bit by a mosquito in the crook of my arm. I smashed the mosquito and went on my way. The bite swelled up, as mosquito bites normally do, and it itched a little.

Here’s the interesting thing about my mosquito bites. Ever since I developed eczema a number of years ago, I’ve noticed that mosquito bites do not last long on me. Where they typically remained welted, pink and itchy for several days prior to the onset of my eczema, now they are gone within a few hours. The bite I received this morning was gone before noon.

Amazing and curious, wouldn’t you say?

I don’t know whether this phenomenon is part of the eczema or whether it is caused by what I’m doing to treat the eczema (very clean diet, with low sugar intake and avoidance of allergens, plus a number of anti-inflammatory supplements). In any case, if there has to be a bright side to coping with eczema, here is one for me.