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Olio – December 29, 2015

OlioOlio: a miscellaneous collection of things 

Do you ever run across so many fascinating items online that they back up before you get a chance to share them? I’m suffering that condition now but I’m going to control myself and share only 6 of them.

Want to Create Things That Matter? Be Lazy. [99u] – While I agree with the basic premise of this article – that creating things of value, deep things, you have to stop  frittering your time away on inconsequential things – I also think saying “To hell with the rest of the world!” discounts the support system that allows the creative person to ignore emails, dishes, coffee requests & etc. Those support systems are often other people, who might want some uninterrupted time to create their own deep work. Perhaps we creatives can take turns on the deep and shallow work.

Our Over-Controlled Society is Damaging Children’s Social Skills [Intellectual Takeout] – I can’t argue with this premise, although I do wonder if there are any positive skills children are experiencing in this over-controlling society. (With complex behaviors such as this, the effects are rarely all negative or all positive.)

The 5 Daily Rituals That Will Make You Happy [bakadesyo.com] – Some good, simple tips toward cultivating happiness.

6 Healthy Relationship Habits Most People Think Are Toxic [Mark Manson] – This article is over a year old, but I came across it … somewhere. (Twitter? Facebook? Don’t know.) Anyway, it makes good points and is worth sharing.

This map shows the US really has 11 separate ‘nations’ with entirely different cultures [Business Insider] – Because I have a thing for articles with numbers in this Olio post, here is another one. I find this map fascinating because it explains why the United States is politically polarized. We have so much land mass that we really could be divided into separate countries. Our ideology suggests as much. As I said when I shared this on Facebook, think of all the history that has gone into the development of these cultural ‘nations.’

Finally, just for fun and because it is appropriate given the recent Christmas holiday …

If it looks like it was wrapped by a blind T-Rex, it’s from me. [Sato: https://sato.sh/note/11535]