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Olio – December 29, 2015

Olio: a miscellaneous collection of things  Do you ever run across so many fascinating items online that they back up before you get a chance to share them? I’m suffering that condition now but I’m going to control myself and share only 6 of them. Want to Create Things That Matter? Be Lazy. [99u] – While I agree with the basic premise of this article – that creating things of value, deep things, you have…

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Self-Help in a Different Guise

I wrote this in my personal journal back in May and because it relates to online reading, thought it might be useful posted here. 5/4/2015 Read an article yesterday(?)/recently on someone who keeps a gratitude journal, writing down 3 things he’s thankful for everyday. I’ve read about this technique before for keeping a person grounded & happy. I’ve also been reading a ton of articles on Fast Company & 99u & I’m sure there’s another…

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Does this happen to you? You’re coasting along on the internet and you find miscellaneous articles and items you want to share, but you see a pattern to them in terms of your life and you kind of want to put them together so you can find them again? Or maybe share them with more context, say, outside of Facebook of Twitter? Maybe you don’t, but I sure do. Hence, I thought I should share them here…

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