Olio – August 27, 2015


Olio: a miscellaneous collection of things

The internet is such a treasure trove of wonderful things that sometimes I just have to share. (Seeing how much other folks share via social media channels, I am not alone in this.)

  1. First up, a powerful video shared by a friend on Facebook. In it, Francine Christophe relates a story from her days spent as a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp. It’s amazing how much humanity can be conveyed in a piece of chocolate. I could not tell my husband about this video without bursting into tears. We were in a store, no less, and I had to walk away from the sales clerk in order to compose myself. Sheesh.

2. Working as I do in history, I often turn to obituaries as a primary source for genealogy. I found this article, “The Evolving Obituary” from Pacific Standard, via Austin Kleon’s e-newsletter. I guess you could say I stole it, which is appropriate given the title of one of Kleon’s books.

3. From CNET comes an article about what happens to your personal data once it is stolen in a cyber-attack. It becomes a commodity that is sold via the Dark Web, and not for as much money as you might think. So much personally identifiable information has been stolen that supply outstrips demand and the price has gone down.

4. For my gluten-free family members and friends, Cheerios are now officially gluten-free. I went grocery shopping today and saw the gluten-free versions (several flavors!) at Walmart with my two beady, read-every-label-carefully eyes. Here’s a story from Adweek about how this came to be.

5. Finally, here’s a cute, very short video from happify.com that shows you how to meditate.

What has caught your eye online recently?