art observations

Can I Just Say …

… that I love the theme of my blog?

I have never been so enamored with the look of a blog as I have with this one. The theme is called Saga and, in case you don’t know, I’m using WordPress as my blogging platform. I have long adored WordPress’s ease of use, great statistics, and stylish themes, but the Saga theme seriously has me agog.

I often call up my blog just to look at it and sigh over its beauty.

The black background allows photos to pop. The white text space with large sans serif font for the body makes the text readable. The serif font for blog titles has just the right amount of roundness and panache to make my artistic heart soar. (My favorite symbol in the title font is the ampersand. See if you can find one.) The featured image setting allows a small box of text to float inside a photo in an eye-catching way. (Did I say the photos pop? Oh yeah, they do!)

I have never loved a blog theme as much as I love Saga, and, Lord knows, I’ve tried quite a number of them in my blogging days.

Excuse me while I sit, drooling on my keyboard, in admiration of this blog’s pulchritude.

Lily opening by Mary Warner, June 17, 2015.
A superfluous shot of a lily opening so you can see how photos pop on Saga. Photo (with flash) by Mary Warner, June 17, 2015.