Why the Lab Coats?

Netflix is a thing of beauty. Mostly because it allows us to binge watch our favorite shows.

One of our very favorite shows, which is a surprise to me, is the British version of Top Gear. The surprise is that I’m not a car person, but this show is all about cars and I love it. Not necessarily so much for the cars but for the snarkiness of the three hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. They’re forever giving each other a hard time while going on some far-flung journey in 3 crappy vehicles or test-driving fancy sports cars.

The interplay of these personalities is what makes the show work. How do I know? Because we’ve also watched the American version of Top Gear and it is crap. (Apparently, it’s not so easy to take a successful show from Across the Pond and make it successful here.)

Anyway, there is one thing I’ve been curious about on Top Gear. Whenever “The Producers” are going to issue the guys a challenge, someone comes on camera in a lab coat and hands one of them a piece of paper. Why the lab coats? Are all the show’s producers running around in lab coats or is this a special affectation for the camera?