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YOCR #16 – The News: A User’s Manual

I wasn’t sure whether to count this book among my Year of Creative Reading, but decided I must when I realized it gave me an idea for a class I could create. Hey, if a book is that inspiring, surely it should count toward creative reading. I found this book quite by accident at the library. It’s called “The News: A User’s Manual” and was written by Alain de Botton. After looking through de Botton’s…

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Why the Lab Coats?

Netflix is a thing of beauty. Mostly because it allows us to binge watch our favorite shows. One of our very favorite shows, which is a surprise to me, is the British version of Top Gear. The surprise is that I’m not a car person, but this show is all about cars and I love it. Not necessarily so much for the cars but for the snarkiness of the three hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond,…

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