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Practicing History Is in Filling the Gaps

Mar Hicks, a historian of technology who tweets @histoftech, posted a thread with her thoughts on having read a couple of biographies about Steve Jobs. One was by his first daughter; the other by this daughter’s mother. This particular tweet from the thread is illuminating:   Yes, women’s lives have typically been left out of historical documentation. If you read obituaries from the late 1800s and early 1900s, if there is an obituary for a…

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history history relevance practical history pragmatic historian using history

Writing Our Own Histories

Fergus Falls and Der Spiegel The town of Fergus Falls, Minnesota, recently had to publicly correct the historic record. A reporter from Der Spiegel spent several weeks in the town in order to write a story focusing on the politics of rural America. Turns out he made up a lot of the story, giving a skewed view of the city and its residents. Michele Anderson and Jake Krohn provided a correction via their article on…

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