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Ah! That’s Where MK Ultra Comes From!

I’ve been listening to Muse‘s album “The Resistance” (along with several of the group’s other albums), which seems incredibly relevant to today though it was released in 2009. Artists have their fingers on the pulse of society’s trends and movements such that they appear to be prescient. It’s worth a listen to in its entirety (of course I would say that!), but I want to point out a specific song on the album. Track number…

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Can You Recommend a Good History Podcast?

Sampling the World of Podcasts Within the past month I have taken the plunge into podcasts. Yes, yes, I’m horrendously late to the podcast party. There’s so much else going on online, plus there is real life to live and loads of music to listen to and TV to watch, that I simply haven’t had time to explore podcasts prior ’til now. (Growing tired of the social media scene certainly is part of my shift…

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