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I Did a Thing … a Paralegal Certificate Thing

My husband is fond of saying, “I did a thing,” when he finishes a significant project. I finished something significant recently and my husband has been waiting for me to announce it so that he can share the news. So, then …. I did a thing! I earned a paralegal certificate from St. Cloud State University via The Center for Legal Studies. This 14-week course started in January 2021 with a 7-week first section, followed…

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Doug Birk – A Pragmatic Historian of the Highest Order

This past Friday I had the opportunity to attend the Council for Minnesota Archaeology’s annual conference at St. Cloud State University. A large portion of the conference was dedicated to celebrating the life of famed Minnesota archaeologist Doug Birk. I say “famed” not because Doug would have liked that term … he would have hated it … but because of the awe and regard in which so many of his colleagues, friends, and acquaintances held…

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