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Advice on Hiring Museum Contractors

This might post might feel a bit off-topic for The Pragmatic Historian, but I know several of my colleagues in the Minnesota history museum field are in my audience and I need to pass along some advice. (Appropriately enough, today is Labor Day and the topic relates to the day.) The Legacy Amendment & Grants Some background for those not in Minnesota: In 2008 voters passed the Legacy Amendment, which provides sales tax funding for…

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A Cool Exhibit Idea from Minnesota’s Historic Northwest

When I was visiting the Beltrami County Historical Society for the Legacy Strategic Agenda Collaborative (LSAC) meeting I mentioned in my last post, our group learned a bit more about a long-term partnership called Minnesota’s Historic Northwest. Minnesota’s Historic Northwest is a regional collaborative of about 20 history and culture organizations in northwestern Minnesota. Minnesota is a large state and the northwestern portion has some areas that are sparsely populated. Banding together allows these organizations…

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Have You Heard of the LSAC?

Last week I attended an LSAC meeting at the Beltrami County Historical Society in Bemidji, Minnesota. I’ve been with the LSAC for the past couple of years. When I first joined, I couldn’t seem to grasp what the LSAC was trying to do. It’s not a group with an easy-to-state mission. How did the LSAC arise? The Legacy Amendment In 2008, Minnesota voters passed a constitutional amendment to collect a sales tax to be dedicated…

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