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Using History to Motivate Change

While the title of this post may not exactly match the language at the top of History’s Hierarchy of Purpose … Using the Past to Shape the Future … the sentiment is the same. There is a lot you can do with history to shape the future, which is why I am now on blog post #3 regarding the subject. When I got the initial idea for this post, I was thinking about how our…

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history practical history pragmatic historian using history

Using History – DNA (with a Twist) to Catch a Killer

After discussing how history is hardwired into the human body in my last blog post, I wanted to present an example of how body history can be used for a practical purpose. As anyone who has watched crime dramas knows, DNA, the historian in our bodies that links us to our ancestors, can be used to link a criminal to a crime scene if the criminal happens to leave some of that DNA behind. While…

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