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Designing Around an Iceberg

Hubby and I put the (almost) finishing touches on the dining room yesterday. All the walls were gray, gray, gray, and the floor was a darker gray. We wanted to carry our blue theme from the living room into the dining room without making it matchy-matchy. When we were searching for a house, we knew we needed a couple of large walls, one for a giant mid-century room divider and one for a giant iceberg.…

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Presto-Change-O! A Fiber Arts Room

Work continues in the house. The latest project completed this week was the transformation of a bedroom into my new fiber arts room. I’ve never had a room devoted solely to my fiber arts storage and activities. Instead, in our old house, I tucked things in corners and used an open hallway for both sewing and my office desk. At one point, I had a floor loom in the dining room, but I could never…

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Waking Up the House

In a new house, I’m forming new habits. One thing I’ve found myself doing every morning is opening curtains and blinds room-by-room. I refer to this as “waking up the house.” While I used to open curtains in the morning in our old house, there weren’t as many to open (just a couple) and I didn’t open them one after the other, like I do in this house. I just have to let the daylight…

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In Search of a Basement Pencil Sharpener

Having moved recently, I was missing our basement pencil sharpener. I have a couple of small, hand-held pencil sharpeners to use, but they aren’t effective at making a nice point without chewing up the wood on my cheap, soft pencils. What I really needed, and wanted, was a sturdy hand-crank pencil sharpener that mounted to a wall, preferably in the basement. You know, the pencil sharpeners found at the back of most school rooms that…

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Making a Comfortable Bed

Do you ever think about some of the odd habits you’ve developed over the years? Not hobbies, exactly, but things you’ve come ’round to doing that end up being a point of pride when you do them well? For me, it’s making a comfortable bed. I thought about this recently when we had a family member stay overnight. We have an air mattress that I set up. Having slept on this air mattress before, I…

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