music observations

Main Character Energy

My daughter recently used the term “main character energy” when describing a mutual acquaintance. As in, “That person has main character energy!” In the past, we might have said a person “lights up a room” with their personality.

A person with main character energy is someone you can’t take your eyes off of because their personality is so magnetic. It’s meant to describe someone with positive energy, not a Debbie Downer or Dastardly Do-Badder.

Obviously, the term stems from movies and television, though I can think of quite a few musicians who have main character energy. Lady Gaga and Aurora are two who leap to mind. Devin Townsend can turn his main character energy on and off. When he’s performing, it’s on. When he’s not performing, he seems to be able to take a back seat to others around him.

It’s such an interesting term that it has me thinking about the regular people I know who have main character energy. There don’t seem to be many. (I assuredly don’t have it and am happy not to.)

Do you know anyone with main character energy?