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A tiny, made up word in the Warner family that does a lot of work for its size.


It’s a word that mostly I use when communicating via text with two family members. Thus, it falls into the category of family language, wherein a family group uses language in special ways just among its members.


I started using this word when Young Son entered the navy several years ago. After bootcamp, he had limited access to his phone and I never knew where he would be when I’d try to contact him. I would text him with a quick “Meep.” This let him know that I wanted to communicate with him and that he should text or call when he was free. The period at the end of meep meant there was no real rush. Because he was in the navy, it was often easier for him to text, so that’s what he would do.


I used the word exclusively for Young Son for quite a while, and then Hubby picked up on it. Hubby hates texting and prefers a phone call. So, when we meep (with a period) each other via text, it means, “Give me a call when you are free.”


Meep with an exclamation point means, “I need you to call as soon as possible.”


Thus far, we have never used meep with a question mark, though I think it would be a great follow-up to one of the other meeps if no reply was forthcoming in a reasonable amount of time.


I tried using “Zoink!” in texts to Eldest Son in the same vein as meep, but it never really caught on, so I dropped it.


It works for us.

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