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It’s Not a Distraction; It’s a Demonstration of Our Values

In the latest dust-up between President Trump and the NFL, in which the President tweeted that NFL players who took a knee to protest racism during the National Anthem should be fired for being unpatriotic, there are people on social media telling us not to be distracted. They are indicating this is an issue manufactured by the President to sidetrack us from the destruction of the Affordable Care Act and the Russian investigation.

Such comments ignore the fact that most of us have the capability to follow more than one issue at a time. That aside, are these seemingly less important issues really a distraction?

I say, “No!” And here’s why …

Whenever an incident like taking a knee (there have been many, many of them over the course of this administration) occurs and people respond with criticism via social media, publications, and actions in the real world, what we are doing collectively as a country is stating and upholding our most cherished values. You know, the good ones, like justice, equality, fairness, happiness, and freedom. The ones that our country ideally promises to everyone.

While the President can exhort his followers with fearmongering, shouting, and bullying, the rest of us can signal our strength, resolve, and resistence to others (a majority of the country) who dearly want the country to be the best it can be.

So, go ahead and respond to the “distraction.” You’re helping to reassert our true American values.