Frankensteining the Talent Pool
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Frankensteining the Talent Pool, Take 3

Frankensteining the Talent Pool

Starting with my very first personal blog, Filter & Splice (which still exists on Blogger in colors that will make your eyes bleed), I coined a term to describe the mythical meshing of creative people: Frankensteining the Talent Pool (FtTP). I originally described what this term meant to me waaaaaay back in 2006 with this post. During my time with Filter & Splice, I wrote a number of posts with my ideas for Frankensteining the Talent Pool.

I carried this term and concept over to my second personal blog, The Woo Woo Teacup Journal, describing it on a separate page and providing more examples. I also presented a number of blog posts with more suggestions for Frankensteining the Talent Pool, plus I added some examples of FtTP that had actually happened. For example, the combo of Nine Inch Nails and Gary Numan performing Numan’s song “Cars” is stellar. And Dave Matthews singing with Blue Man Group is fun and funky.

(Haha! In looking back through my FtTP posts on The Woo Woo Teacup Journal, I see that I blogged about NIN and Numan, but did not blog about Matthews and Blue Man Group, although I meant to. Does intent count?)

I had pretty much forgotten about Frankensteining the Talent Pool and hadn’t thought to bring it over the this new blog until I had an FtTP idea this morning. So, here we are, Frankensteining the Talent Pool, Take 3.

This morning’s idea? I would like to see Moby and Tim Minchin work together on something. Why these two? Not sure. Although I do have a tendency to want to mash-up my favorite artists.

While their musical styles are different, it feels like the two of them have a similar approach to life … serious, but not too serious, thoughtful and philosophical with a bent toward secular humanism. So, yeah, Minchin and Moby. What might the result of that frankensteining be?