I’m Going to Leave This Right Here

It has been months since I have added to my blog here. I’ve been spending my blogging time over at The Pragmatic Historian, keeping up with a weekly blogging habit there. While I focus that blog on the uses of history all over society and I can write about a gazillion different topics with that focus, sometimes I run across something that doesn’t quite fit. I have a habit of pointing out odd package labeling…

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Do Not Tumbletry

Bought a set of socks from Amazon before the holiday season. They were marketed under the brand name of Lovely Annie’s, which I thought was a delightful name. Strange thing, though. While I was searching for warm, knee-high socks to buy, I kept running across what appeared to be photos of the same set of socks (sometimes with 4 pair, sometimes with 5) with different brand names. I mean, these photos were identical, not just…

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