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Bog Coat Revisited X 3

I’ve made 3 bog coats and I have to say, I am not a fan. I wrote about bog coats in November 2018. This style of coat is made from one piece of fabric with 3 basic cuts and what appears to be one seam. It is supposed to minimize fabric waste and be fairly simple to make. Well, the ancient Dane found in a bog with this coat had secrets that I haven’t been…

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The Long, Slow Quilt

Finally! It is done! Last night, I tied my crazy quilt and hand-sewed the binding, completing a project I started probably a decade ago. I can’t tell you exactly when I started it because I don’t remember. It was quite the process, though, with lots of lag time between tasks. I was inspired to create a crazy quilt after hanging and examining some at work. (I work at the Weyerhaeuser Museum, which gives me the…

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