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The unfathomable has happened. I am bookless. I don’t think I’ve been bookless since I was in elementary school. Once I finally got the hang of reading (I was a late reader, having caused first grade teachers some distress with my lack of literary ability) and had a library card, I was never without a stack of books to read by my bedside. Even though people told me that college would ruin me for reading,…

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YOCR #9 – Disappointed with Imagine

I finished reading “Imagine: How Creativity Works” by Jonah Lehrer last night. This is one of the books on my Year of Creative Reading list and I really, really wanted to wholeheartedly love it, but I can’t. I was well on my way to loving it, having written a blog post quoting a portion of the book. If I’m compelled to quote a book, it’s made a serious impression on me. While wrapping up the…

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