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Who Needs 10 Sets of Dishes?

I read an article from the St. Paul Pioneer Press via the Brainerd Dispatch recently that I’m feeling the need to talk back to. The article is called “Antiques dealers find industry lagging, numbers shrinking – hope for eventual renaissance.” It quotes a number of people in the industry discussing how antiques stores are going out of business and making comments about how young people just aren’t interested in old things anymore. One says the…

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Olio – March 7, 2016

  Olio: a miscellaneous collection of things I haven’t put together an Olio post in a few weeks. Here’s some of the interesting stuff I’ve found. Why Creative People Are Rarely Seen As Leaders by Susan Cain. Cain has written extensively about introversion and this is a further exploration of that personality trait. **** Famous Painters Did Not Do Their Best Work While Grieving, Study Says┬áby Carey Dunne – It’s so easy to think of…

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Finding Meaning in Work

Fast Company is my new favorite business-y blog. The article I’m reading on the site this evening is about finding meaning in your work, indicating that companies that figure out how to make their missions and jobs meaningful to employees will typically see greater productivity and gains in income. If their employees are engaged and feeling full of purpose, companies will do better in general. While that is useful information, it feels a bit “duh”…

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