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Challenge: Investigating an Everyday Item’s History

In my last post, I discussed the bottom level of History’s Hierarchy of Purpose, which was Resource Location & Preservation, the foundation for all of history’s other purposes. Today and over the next few posts, I will issue a number of challenges in order to enhance your ability to locate and preserve historic resources. Challenge – Investigating an Everyday Item’s History Find an item in your home that you are curious about. If it has…

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History’s Hierarchy of Purpose – Resource Location & Preservation

Unpacking the Hierarchy I introduced a colorful, pyramidal, teapot-esque graphic showing “History’s Hierarchy of Purpose” a couple of blog posts ago. I want to spend some time unpacking each of the levels of this hierarchy, so let’s get started with the base of the pyramid, which is Resource Location & Preservation. Resources That Reveal History In order to study history and make use of it, we need resources that can reveal that history. Lots of…

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