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Becoming a Writer

Several of John Scalzi’s essays/blog posts in his book “Don’t Live for Your Obituary” are sticking with me such that I want to bounce off them with my own blog posts. One such post is called “Imposter Syndrome, or Not” (page 395-401 in the book, dated January 30, 2016 on his Whatever blog). Scalzi opens the post discussing how so many writers suffer from Imposter Syndrome, the feeling that they’re just not good enough at…

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In Defense of Compassionate Men – A #MeToo Story

I belong to the flood of women in the world that have a #MeToo story. In a continuum from sexism to sexual harassment to rape and other forms of violence, I think we’d be hard-pressed to find a woman anywhere who hasn’t got a #MeToo story. And when you include sexist policies baked into the governance of many cultures, we’re all affected to varying degrees. Because sexual harassment is so pervasive, it seems easy to…

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Unflattering Self Portraits

There is a long tradition of artists creating self portraits. It’s not because we’re all screaming narcissists, although I suppose some of us are. It’s because we can’t always find subjects to paint or draw or photograph. It was for this reason that my grandpa became a landscape painter. Jens Rasmussen was a naturally gregarious fellow who would talk to anyone. When he was younger, he’d periodically find someone to sit for him so he…

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