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No Spiders Here: Allowing Women to Look Less Than Perfect

I’m writing this while I’m on vacation, scheduling it to drop in a few days. Scheduling posts days or even weeks out makes it difficult to write with the immediacy of the moment. I have to be thinking about how to write for future relevancy. If a post ever feels slightly disjointed in time, that’s why. Just imagine me writing days or weeks earlier and figure for the time shift. What I’ve noticed during vacation…

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Bring on the Purple to Bring Us Together

Donald Trump, who can’t seem to get over the fact that he won the election, retweeted a 2016 election map that shows pretty much the entire country in red, emphasizing the precincts that gave him a majority of their votes. The map purposely attempts to display that “everyone” in vast swaths of the United States voted for him. Unfortunately, this map lacks any nuance. Even in my county, which provided over 70% of its votes…

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