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iZombie and Not Following Instructions

Zombies and me, we have a thing. Last year I became supremely interested in zombies having had no prior interest in them before. (Heck, worse than no prior interest … I despised zombies because blood and gore. Yech!) What turned me into a zombie-lover? An idea. I wanted to use zombies to create a role-playing conference session to teach museum people about disaster planning. What better emergency can there be but the chaos caused by…

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Zombies: Come for the mayhem, stay for the social commentary

I just finished reading “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War” by Max Brooks. The book was not on my list for the Year of Creative Reading, but I chose it in order to see how the author presented his story as oral histories. Working in the history field, one of our primary sources of information is oral history, so it was interesting to see how someone adapted this form to fiction.…

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