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12 Admirable Traits in History Museum Workers You Will Want to Imitate

Forgive the click-baity title on this post, but, seriously, folks, I have met really wonderful people within the history museum field and many of them share a bunch of admirable traits that are well worth imitating. You’re not likely to hear this directly from history museums workers (whether staff, interns or volunteers) because most of them share the first trait on this list. Instead, I’ll take the time to reveal 12 of the best characteristics…

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Forecasting the Future with History

Between 2013 and 2014, the Center for the Future of Museums of the American Alliance of Museums offered an online program to teach willing museum staff how to think like futurists. Elizabeth Merritt, founding director of the Center for the Future of Museums, put out the call for students and led us through this course by providing us with assignments digitally. Obviously, I was one of those willing students and I delighted in the course,…

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