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What I Don’t Understand About Retirement Plans

Please forgive me. This is going to be one of those blog posts that reproduces a bunch of screenshots from a Mastodon conversation, kinda like the articles that are a reproduction of Twitter screenshots, but I hope to use them as context for additional thoughts based on the conversation. It started with an article about Milton Friedman called “Ideas Lying Around,” written and posted by Cory Doctorow. [] From which I quoted a paragraph about…

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The Importance of Dating

The Importance of Dating Today on The Pragmatic Historian, we’re going to discuss dating advice. Lest you think this has suddenly become a venue along the lines of Emily Post, Miss Manners or Tinder, let me put your mind at ease. Dating in the context of history is more mundane than building a relationship with a potential romantic partner but, I’d argue, no less important. In my post History in Numbers, where I discuss the…

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