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Olio: December 13, 2015

  Olio: a miscellaneous collection of things — My recent¬†internet findings … I had not heard the terms “trigger warnings” or “microagressions” until the past month. Now I’m seeing the whole phenomenon surrounding me. For a good article that explains both, see “The Coddling of the American Mind” from The Atlantic. South Park has also been exploring the issue in recent episodes with the character P.C. Principal. “i will let go of my darkness when…

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Self-Help in a Different Guise

I wrote this in my personal journal back in May and because it relates to online reading, thought it might be useful posted here. 5/4/2015 Read an article yesterday(?)/recently on someone who keeps a gratitude journal, writing down 3 things he’s thankful for everyday. I’ve read about this technique before for keeping a person grounded & happy. I’ve also been reading a ton of articles on Fast Company & 99u & I’m sure there’s another…

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Finding Meaning in Work

Fast Company is my new favorite business-y blog. The article I’m reading on the site this evening is about finding meaning in your work, indicating that companies that figure out how to make their missions and jobs meaningful to employees will typically see greater productivity and gains in income. If their employees are engaged and feeling full of purpose, companies will do better in general. While that is useful information, it feels a bit “duh”…

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