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It Isn’t About Who’s Right; It’s About What Works

The other day I wrote a post about being cynical in my middle age, positing that perhaps it was because of the polarization we’re feeling in politics and the sense that things aren’t working as they should. I just want things to be fixed. I received a thoughtful comment from a reader that indicated that people on both sides of the political spectrum believe they have the answers to fix what’s going wrong in America.…

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The Cynicism of Middle Age

My husband, co-worker and I have had a few conversations recently about how cranky we feel toward the world. We’ve been grousing about situations that aren’t quite working right on the local, state and national level, wanting desperately to help fix some of these situations or put the right people into positions so that they can fix them. “Fixing” them meaning to create situations that allow the majority of people to live in relative peace…

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