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Clocks in the Wild

Now that I’ve worked through History’s Hiearchy of Purpose, it’s time for a lighthearted post. Since starting The Pragmatic Historian with its clock-themed photos, I’ve become obsessed with finding clocks out in the wild. Naturally, I started by taking glamour shots of the clocks we have in our house. We have a lot of clocks, most of them nonfunctioning, but that matters not at all for my purposes. Of course, eventually I was bound to…

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Tick Tock – An Assortment of Clocks

In case it hasn’t become apparent yet, I’m using clocks as the visual theme for The Pragmatic Historian. What better way to illustrate the uses of history than through a practical tool that helps us mark time? When I decided on the clock theme, I ran around the house, looking for and gathering up clocks in order to properly photograph them. I was shocked, absolutely shocked with how many clocks I found: 28 of them!…

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