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A Manifesto for the Sensible Center

The Mini-Manifesto from Gapingvoid Manifestos seem to have been co-opted by the unhinged or extremists, but they are merely public statements of policy aims, beliefs or views. As such, a manifesto is a good way to succinctly state what guides you or your group. In 2006, I wrote a couple of manifestos for my very first blog, Filter & Splice, after reading a challenge from Hugh MacLeod of Gapingvoid to write a manifesto of 500…

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The gall of those galls teaching me something new!

See that pink fuzzy critter in the middle of this dried oak leaf? I thought it was some form of caterpillar cocoon. Some, nice cozy home out of which a butterfly or moth would hatch, with the fuzzy form being suitably appropriate to our Minnesota winters. Ha! I was close, but no cigar. This is a gall. Galls are formed by the activity of insects or mites on plants, including oak leaves, however, the galls…

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Power Outage (in more ways than one)

  This morning, a little after 8 a.m., the power went out in our little hamlet. Flicker of the lights, beep of the smoke detectors, thought it might come back right away, but no. Time to call the power company. Ah, but the home phone has an electric base, so there was no way to call out from it. Naturally, the internet and television were inoperable as well. Good thing we get a paper bill…

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