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History as Judge

In trying to decide what to write about today (writing this blog post a week ahead of schedule), Historians at the Movies (#HATM) from Twitter sprang to mind. (Follow Jason Herbert – @HerbertHistory – on Twitter to learn more.) That led me to thinking about the binge rewatching of The X-Files my husband and I are doing on Amazon Prime. Which led me to wonder if this series has somehow primed American society to see…

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A No-Party Government

With the debacle that our federal government has become (yes, the entire government appears to be a debacle at the moment), I’ve been trying to figure out how government can be improved down to its core. I put forth 9 ideas for revamping U.S. elections in October 2016. Now I’m rethinking one of those suggestions. One of the biggest problems (if not THE biggest problem) with our government at both the federal and state levels…

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Olio – June 22, 2015

Olio: a miscellaneous collection of things My recent online reading has included some good news, some bad (very bad) news, and a parable. Let’s start with the good news. Stress is often referred to as a bad thing, and it can be. However, if you look at it the right way, your body can deal with it much more effectively than when you think of it as a bad thing. Check out this article on…

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