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Greenery to Soothe the Soul

Feelin’ cranky about tech tonight. Well, moreso about the way criminals use tech to take advantage of us. I attended a cybersecurity training today and the presenters explained how hackers are using ChatGPT to create phishing emails that can mimic the way a specific person writes if you train it on the previous writing of that person. From a hacker’s perspective, this is a great way to trap someone in a phishing scheme because the…

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My Websites Are Being Used to Train AI – Is That a Good Thing?

If you spend any amount of time online these days, you’ll hear about two things ad nauseum: The meltdown of Twitter and the wonders of AI (artificial intelligence), specifically text generated by tools like ChatGPT or Google’s Bard. I haven’t had a chance to use ChatGPT because it’s always overloaded with users when I try and I’m not inclined to pay a subscription for a service that I want to test. Google’s Bard has a…

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